Japanese paper company is working again, the paper developed can be a perfect substitute for plastic bag packaging

According to a July 23 report from Japan's NHK TV station, in order to ease the environmental pollution caused by Japanese plastic products, many companies have begun to take relevant measures. For example, Starbucks in the United States announced that stores around the world will gradually stop using disposable plastic straws and replace them with products of degradable materials.

Japanese companies develop alternative materials for plastic bag packaging

Some related manufacturers in Japan are also actively taking corresponding measures. Among them, a large paper manufacturer, Japan Paper Co., has developed a kind of paper that can replace potato chips and cereals in plastic bags. Because this paper is processed in some special processes, it has certain waterproof and sealing functions, and can replace some food packaging.

The Japanese paper company said that as orders for the above-mentioned new products continue to increase, the company plans to set up a new department next month to specialize in the research and development and sales of paper products replacing plastics. "We will actively take relevant measures to meet customers' needs for alternative materials for plastics," said the company's business planning department chief Zhiming.

So how do Japan play a role in solving the environmental pollution caused by plastic products? Let us pay attention.

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